Sometimes timing is simply not on your side. Like when you’re dreaming of a tropical getaway, but can’t get any time off until Hurricane season… or when you’ve finally booked that European family holiday, only to discover that all the hotels and attractions are sold out.  I’m here to tell you that there’s a holiday […]

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Trips for Every Season – Where to Go in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

When you think of cruises, do you think of tiny cabins, lukewarm buffets, and crowded pool decks? Think again. Cruising itself may have gotten a bad rep, but it’s not all bad food and tacky tour bus excursions. In the last ten years, river cruise bookings have increased by a whopping 250%. Whether you’re new […]

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The Benefits of River Cruises

Thanks to a 2014 New York Times article declaring Naxos, Greece not to be missed, travel heavyweights have been including it year after year on their roundups of must-see destinations within the Cyclades. Unlike its neighbors Santorini and Mykonos, Naxos remains relatively unfazed by the North American hype – despite the fact that the picturesque island […]

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Naxos: A Gem in the Cyclades

For some of us, the last two years have greatly impacted how we live, work, and travel. With restrictions around the globe ever changing, and travel making a BIG comeback, let’s take a look at a few major trends we’ll be seeing in 2022 and beyond! Epic Trips Revenge travel has never been hotter, and […]

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Travel Trend Forecast: Top Travel Trends in 2022 (and beyond!)

If you are looking for an exotic honeymoon destination open to US travelers right now, the Maldives is going to be at the top of our list! Traveling to the Maldives during COVID does require a little extra planning, but it’s so worth the effort! The Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations in […]

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Maldives During Covid: 2021 Travel Guide

When it comes to guilty pleasures, watching The Bachelor & Bachelorette pretty much tops the list for The Honeymoon Concierge team. We are glued to the screen not only for the juicy relationship drama but even more so for the exotic locations where the show is filmed! The past two seasons in quarantine have been […]

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The Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations from “The Bachelor” for your Honeymoon

Carli and Megan both made the investment in pelotons during quarantine and are loving the new at-home workout life! It got us thinking, where can we keep up our new healthy habit while on the road? Look no further than these hotels offering “Peloton Gyms” to their guests. That’s right, just log in with your […]

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Hotels with Pelotons in the US Coast to Coast

“THE JOURNEY OF LIFE IS SWEETER WHEN TRAVELED WITH A DOG” It has been the summer of traveling closer to home so this got us thinking about the top pet-friendly resorts within a few hours from home here in Hoboken!  These incredible properties welcome your pets like the VIPs they are: INN BY THE SEA, […]

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4 Dog-Friendly Resorts in the Northeast

Let’s face it – it’s trendy to be trendy in today’s world and your travel calendar is no different. However in the travel industry, being trendy means finding those destinations before the crowds arrive. Whether you are planning a staycation or your next bucket list trip it pays to stay ahead of the curve. Here […]

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Travel Trends in 2019