A TCTG Journey is...

01 / elevated

Let us VIP you. Thanks to our relationships with top luxury travel companies around the world, our clients get treated extra special wherever they go. Exclusive perks, amenities, and upgrades are coming your way.

02 / intimate

Think: private drivers, after-hours museum access, and treasured moments away from the tourist crowds. Take a deep dive into your destination; we’ll bring it all into vivid focus for you. 

03 / collaborative

Your from-scratch itinerary will be built around your passions and preferences. We’ll work closely with you—starting with an in-depth consultation session—to bring your vacation vision to life.

and so much more

"Planning this is a real job? Why am I not doing this?!"

The Honeymoon Concierge was officially born before our plane landed back home. A decade and several “Best of the Knot” awards later, my agency has evolved into The Concierge Travel Group, the premier resource for discerning travelers craving luxury escapes worldwide. 

Today, my incredible team and I focus on designing immersive, indulgent itineraries that marry superior client care with VIP access.

from our founder, carli fernandez

I started my first travel agency 10 years ago, while I was literally on my honeymoon. I worked with a travel advisor to plan part of our Hawaii journey, and as my brand-new husband and I were zipping around a curve along on the picturesque Kauai coast, I thought:


I have a feeling we'll go together like prosciutto-and-prosecco if:

Sound like the kind of experience you're after?

Then welcome to TCTG family -- we can't wait to take the stress off your shoulders and plan something spectacular for you.

You're into (elevated!) experiences over just "stuff."

You trust the experts and want them to work their magic for you.

You value your time -- that's why you're handing off the planning, after all -- and will respect ours.

You want a flawless travel experience -- but like to leave room for surprises (sometimes you make the best memories when getting a little lost).

You're looking for a long-term relationship, so each trip planned together is even better than the last.


countries visited


bucket list destination

It was so hard to leave my one-year-old son at home for the first time, but now I can't wait to bring him back and share this amazing country with him!

My first solo trip to Thailand.

can't travel without /

best travel moment /

A book and my airpods
Bora Bora
Italy & St. Barths

carli fernandez

specialty / europe, hawaii, luxury caribbean islands

under the Milky Way in all its glimmering glory, while elephants ventured to the watering hole behind us.
Dining out in the African bush
A travel diary to recap
Kenya, Peru, Iceland

Megan Dwier

specialty / Luxury adventure & outdoors, safaris, european getaways

the big and small events of each day. I love to look back years later and reminisce on the details I might have forgotten otherwise.

can't travel without /

best travel moment /

in Capri, Italy. I can't believe that water is real! 
Taking a boat into the Blue Grotto
My Kindle
Dolomites and the East Coast during fall 

Kelsey hollander

specialty / Europe, Hawaii, California

To keep me entertained on the plane!

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best travel moment /

Overlooking the beautiful caldera! 

Swimming in an infinity pool in Santorini 
 My iPhone 
The Seychelles
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Christina Battista

Specialty / Clent Care Manager

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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best travel moment /

The 24-hour daylight in Alaska

My spf, no matter the weather


Hiking in Arizona

Gabriella Terlizzi

specialty / marketing coordinator & itinerary builder extraordinaire

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best travel moment /



Where are you headed?

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